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What Kind of Utopia?

“We shall meet in the place where there is no darkness.” ~ George Orwell, 1984

George Orwell’s quote begs the question, is there a such a place of no darkness in this 3rd-dimensional Earth plane? History has shown that it has always existed, and so we might extrapolate that it likely always will to one degree or another. After all, challenge appears to be a crucial factor in sparking self-illumination in humans, and is that not why our souls choose to have an experience of life in a human body on this planet? To grow?

I’ve tried to imagine what life would be like if we had no challenge, and, is that how we would define utopia? It would be pretty darned boring, I think. Having said that, I also think that human beings at this time are being weighted by too many unnecessary obstacles, and much of it is rooted in a choke hold of governmental overreach. It’s feeling to me like we’re moving towards the type of dystopia Orwell wrote about.

Somehow the rules that were meant to organize and make a functioning and safe society have morphed into a monster, one that thinks it has the right to completely control our lives. It increasingly behaves as thought it owns us. Ask yourself, were you born onto this planet to be owned by an entity?

The whole point of George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984 was to present to the reader a vision of a kind of world that we may not want. Do we? Or, don’t we? Human life (I think) will never be without challenge. But how do we envision a kind of “utopia” that is gentler and nurturing, and yet still involves enough challenge that we are energized by it, that still provides the impetus to grow? Why is our growth contingent on so much darkness? There must be a different way. I believe it is something that we have never known yet on this planet.

This may be our greatest challenge of all right now: To open our minds enough to allow for something completely new and different, not just an overhaul or cosmetic change of what we have always known. We are completely capable of creating a new reality, but only if we see what society is right now, and free ourselves enough to move beyond it.

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Threshold of Your Mind


The most effective mentors in my life taught me by their example, while not treating me as inferior at along the way. They “led me to the threshold of my mind”. There was always a sort of flow, a reciprocal give and take of learning and teaching between us that was enjoyable. Those relationships have tended to last.

There have been other teachers where there was a sort of ego thing going on; they clearly wanted me to “stay in my place” as a student. This sort of relationship starts to chafe after a while. At a certain point, in spite of being grateful for the learning, there was no real space for me in the relationship any more. I had to move on.

What has been your experience with mentors?

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Rock Solid | I am resourceful, I'm strong, life will not beat me, I will find my way. | HartHaiku.com

Rock Solid | Be That

This Monday morning life is feeling just a little precarious, hmm? Worldwide financial markets have been falling, and this morning tremendously so. Added to that, even my friends who have scoffed at the idea of a worldwide pandemic are starting to take it more seriously.

It seems that it’s not life as usual, and it may not be for some time. So right now is the perfect time to take stock of yourself, your abilities, the tools and assets you have to work with, much as a company might do a SWOT analysis.

For those not familiar with the term, SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats. Sit down, make four lists about yourself. When things are put onto paper, they become clearer.

In my estimation, society has taught us to be too dependent on the state. Now is the time to stand back and take an objective assessment of ourselves, and how we can be as self-reliant as possible. Yes, we can ask for help from others, but we shouldn’t be standing back waiting for someone else, or the state, to solve all of our problems. We must become critical thinkers and problem solvers, taking responsibility for our lives.

Be aware of your thoughts, because the messages we give ourselves are important. Do your self-SWOT, and make yourself the solid rock that you can always depend on. There will never be a better time than now.


Photos courtesy Gantas Vaičiulėnas and mirsad mujanovic, Pexels

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Roadblocks | The road before me beckons with fervent promise, but fear holds me back. | HartHaiku.com

Roadblocks | We Build

Roadblocks we encounter out in the world are meant to protect us. These physical barriers at the very least keep us from wasting our time or damaging our vehicles. In the extreme, they might even keep us from being killed. Since someone else put them there for our safety, we tend to respect them and stay away.

But what about the roadblocks we create for ourselves? These are built in the mind, and again, we put them in place for protection. We build barriers to keep at bay what is too scary to explore. But, are they keeping us too safe?

Logic may tell us that certain risks may be too great to move ahead. Yes, we need to analyze new situations and evaluate the pros and cons properly. Avoiding some of them may be the only common sense thing to do.

But sometimes our logic is our enemy. While it is telling us “no”, deep within there is an undeniable flutter of excitement. Our intuition is saying, “yes, yes, yes, this feels a little scary, but boy, do I ever want to try it”! Those are the moments when we need to stop being quite so cautious, and allow ourselves to explore down that unknown road.

Otherwise, what is life for really? Adventure, learning, expansion, growth… The view and rewards on the other side of your roadblocks may absolutely amaze you!


Photos courtesy Dorothy Castillo and Travis Saylor, Pexels

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