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This is
no caprice,
a mere fad,
sheer whimsy,
although to
the politicians
it may be,
they play with
our lives
so carelessly.

This is war,
blood splatters
the pavement,
fading light
in eyes that
saw Life
as worthy of
defending from
an ominous
dark enemy.

War does not
honor Life,
it burns,
it plunders,
it murders,
it destroys,
until all that
WE built
is reduced to
black ash.

What right do
they have?
We are not
their chattel,
this is our
world too,
it will not
get better ’til
we say no to
their evil.

Decimation © Susan L Hart 2022



End of the World Stuff

If you believed
it was the end
of the world
as we know it,
what would you
be doing
right now?

Would you still
be shopping for
a new couch,
on which to
watch movies
about the end
of the world?

Would you
to continue to
view life as
external to you,
or would you
begin to
look inward?

Would you start
to see yourself
as part of the
solution to change
our struggling
world, or would
you look away…

losing yourself
in the drivel on
your phone,
the latest celebrity
gossip and tell
yourself it will
all be okay.

I am here to
tell you it
won’t be okay
without you,
we need you
to awaken and
open your eyes.

Tyrants are
wrecking our
planet and lives,
you can choose
to awaken,
or continue
to sleep.

You are part
of it All,
there is nothing
external to
you, and when
you see that,
things will change.

Life is worth
saving from those
who do not
respect it or us,
so at the end
of the world,
what will you do?

End of the World Stuff © Susan L Hart 2022 | Please share, thanks!



Message in a Bottle

Chisel not my name
onto elegant stone,
so you that I love
might become slave
to a time and place
that no longer holds
my soul, to which you
could become tied,
lost in sorrow and
life’s limitations.

Rather, joyfully cast
my dust to the wind, so
I may dance on the breeze,
and one day as the leaves
rustle gently overhead,
you will feel me there,
riding a ray of sunshine
kissing your face, and
I’ll whisper in your ear,
“Remember to live free.”

Message in a Bottle © Susan L Hart 2022

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My recent post on Hart for Humanity: The Connectedness of it All


Society unravels before our eyes under the pressure of growing dissension and division. The integrity of the social fabric weakens as individual fibers become degraded. We (the fibers) feel displaced from normal, leaving us shaken, disoriented, internally coming apart at the seams.

We must try not to project our own inner unraveling outward. We each need to work at shaking off what divides us and move beyond this. When we recognize the strength within us, and that we also need each other, we will settle for nothing less than a great society, and we will work together to build it.


Society used to
be built on
the character of
the people who
wove the fabric.

Hard Work,
and Vision.

These were the
vital strands
woven into the
warp and weft of
our world.

Now society is
fabricated on
voices in thin air,
virtual words with
empty promises.

We want that
world back,
a place where
strong character’s
substance reigns.

But wanting and
deciding are
two unlike things,
one is a wish,
the other intent.

Nothing comes
for free, and
everything worth
anything is still
worth the work.

Inspirational Quotes:

“Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilization.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

“You are never alone. You are eternally connected with everyone.” ~ Amit Ray

“The Destiny of Man is to unite, not to divide. If you keep on dividing you end up as a collection of monkeys throwing nuts at each other out of separate trees.” ~ T.H. White

“Pit race against race, religion against religion, prejudice against prejudice. Divide and conquer! We must not let that happen here.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

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It’s Our Choice

They say they don’t
want us to hate
and fight, they
make rules that gag,
to make sure
we’re polite, ’cause
“we’re irresponsible”.

And yet they stand
on podiums and
say what they want,
inflammatory words
meant to ignite, so
that we’ll bicker and
get lost in their fight.

Hypocrites they are,
the ones with their
double speak –
their goal is our ire,
they want to see us
fighting each other,
burning in their fire.

Let’s not.

It’s Our Choice © Susan L Hart 2022

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Smiles have
this way, they
captivate and
they raise up
our energy
and light up
the world,
they ripple
outward and
back to us,
they’re a gift
we give to others
and to ourselves,
so just…


Hart for Humanity | Most recent post: A World of Division or Harmony?

Smile © Susan L Hart 2022

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How did humanity
arrive at this place?
Almost overnight,
viral war torn,
scarred, skeptical,
frazzled, frightened,
lonely isolation,
madly missing
the joy of life.

Humanity’s vitality
slowly but surely
leaking away,
drained by a
lurking thieving,
deceitful beast,
gluttonous fear
swallowing whole
all who yield.

But the wheel of
fortune ever turns,
the black jar of
Pandora’s woes
morphs to womb
of fathomless
mother goddess
of a Golden Age,
a new humanity.

It’s time to birth
from destruction;
swimming upwards
to shimmering light,
gulping great drafts
of rarefied air,
reclaiming life and
eager to live it.

Birthing © Susan L Hart 2022 – First posted Aug. 29, 2021

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