Do you live each day of your life fully? Do you appreciate the spectacular nature of your uniqueness and potential? Do you feel like you have personal power to change the world?

If “no” is your answer to any or all of these questions, Becoming Bigger: Realizations of Self & Humanity is designed to inspire you to start unlocking those doors. All it takes is one new thought to inspire change, and there are many thought-provoking ideas to unpack here.

This book contains: 10,000+ words plus colorful visuals. There is a preview provided on the book listing page. It’s about a 50-minute read, one designed to inspire revisits for contemplation and introspection.

You’ll receive 3 file formats for this book – EPUB. MOBI, and PDF – to guarantee an excellent reading experience, and see my eBook Tips page.

It’s regularly just $2.99 USD, and right now you can get a 20%-off coupon when you sign up for book news about future new books and special offers.


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