We are the Glue

The magic glue needed to repair our broken world is us. We hold the keys to open the door to the Golden Age. In order to do that, we need to actively use personal tools that have become a tad rusty: Free will, responsibility, critical thinking, discernment, cooperation, love, compassion, industriousness, and the list goes on…

No one is going to (or needs to, for that matter) hand us the keys or give us permission to create this new kingdom. The keys are within us already. We all must aspire to something higher, and exercise our free will and choose it.

Perhaps soon humanity will collectively “get it”. We are the glue. Until we realize this and stop fighting with each other, becoming “unglued” over stuff that really should not divide us, seeing ourselves as children who must wait for permission, life will continue to be a struggle globally.

“One love, one heart, one destiny.” ~ Bob Marley

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