For the Love of Creating

This morning I stumbled upon a wonderfully creative, insightful, and funny narrative about creativity. What made this a great journey down “creativity lane” for me is that Matthew Inman (of The Oatmeal) is a VERY funny guy, and his cartooning skills are considerable. For me there were many smiles (and yes, even guffaws!) here. Not only was it inspiring, it was uplifting. What could be better than wisdom honed with wit?

Eight Marvelous & Melancholy Things I’ve Learned about Creativity

One my favorite toys as a kid was Spirograph, which led to free-hand doodling, which led to making and selling art professionally as an adult, which led to teaching art, and going forward I plan to write more books with illustrations. Some of my favorite books as a child featured beautiful ink etchings. I’d like to bring that back into style, because even as adults, we tend to enjoy some pictorial enrichment of words.

However you express your creativity, have fun with it! Play. Smile. It’s time to get our smiles back…


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