Breaking the Spell

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” ~ W.B. Yeats

On the face of it, this quote by Yeats speaks immediately to me of honing our sensory processes so we can better enjoy the beauty of life. Perhaps it is because of the word “magic”, which I easily translate in my mind to “magical” – beautiful or delightful in a way that is removed from every day life.

However, in this duality dimension of opposites, there is unfortunately a dark flip side to magic. Just as Sleeping Beauty was cursed to sleep for 100 years by an evil fairy, so is part of humanity at the moment under a spell. The preoccupation with illness that is being purposely perpetuated in society (largely through media) is hypnotizing people into a sort of trance, dulling their senses and patterns of thought.

One of our defenses against this type of attack is to hone acute personal powers of observation. Without our own observations and critical thinking skills in use, we are vulnerable to manipulation. The real truth of anything is to be found in the spaces between what is said and not said, what is done and not done, the ongoing patterns and inconsistencies in any narrative.

Here is a a very good article on improving powers of observation, which goes hand-in-hand with critical thinking:  Powers of Observation: 8 Analyzed Ways to Develop it

© Susan L Hart |  | Photo courtesy of KELLEPICS,  Pixabay

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