All Of a Sudden

All of a sudden, life changed for everyone on the planet in January 2020. We all know that, of course. But this started a trend that now too many major decisions that significantly impact our lives are “all of a sudden”. We have been trained to accept that always waiting for the next shoe to drop is normal. This kind of constant stress can actually lower our vibration, which is conducive to illness.

That next shoe is always dropped by a very small handful of people proportionate to the total population. For me, feeling constantly on edge has become the most troubling aspect of life. The reason? There does not seem to be much “big picture” analysis going on in the decision making. Our precious lives have been relegated by someone else to a constant state of worry and instability.

I could relay the most recent announcements from my little corner of the world – they have been upsetting – but what would be the point? In your corner the details may be a little or vastly different, but the big picture of the world is the same. And therein lies the problem, yes? Humans are prone to closing their eyes to outside problems if those problems don’t affect them. They prefer keep their heads in the sand as long as possible.

Perhaps the biggest change that occurred in 2020 is that no longer can any of us afford to be blind to events in another country, as long as it isn’t happening to us. Make no mistake, whatever is happening somewhere else right now has the potential to unfold in your own backyard.

We can hang on to the belief that suddenly the whole world went to hell in a hand basket because of a health threat, and that a small group of people constantly making new rules will save us. Or we can open our eyes wide, choose to see, and realize that we must take personal responsibility for our own lives.

This is one of the biggest lessons that humanity is learning as a collective right now.

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