Intrinsic Worth

Experience and learning, love, and the people in your life are the gold. Your soul is the gold. YOU are the gold.

We live in a world that prays to the almighty money god. For many people, their idea of abundance is simply loads of money in the bank, and the ability to buy any THING they want. Money = happiness, or so they think. But is this true abundance? What have you invested in today that would still be with you tomorrow if your money disappeared overnight?

At the end of your life, in your soul’s journey and looking back from your deathbed, the things you accumulated will mean nothing. They will be simply material objects that accompanied you on your journey through life.

If you are not doing so already, invest in your inner soul growth. We all grapple with fear of loss if we were to make a decision that leads us down a wrong path. But most decisions are not life threatening; they are simply experiences we are choosing.

There arrives this magic moment (and too often in desperation) when we ask ourselves, “Why am I holding myself back this way? I feel there is more in me than this. I know that I could be happier than I am.”

There is a goldmine waiting to be tapped within you. Learning brings wisdom, and that is gold in your pocket, wealth of a different kind. When you do the work and the learning, your metamorphosis is inevitable.

Paradoxically, all those material things you yearned for will flow to you like a river. You will enjoy them, but they will no longer be something you need to be happy. The true happiness already came to you from within.

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Thank you for reading! ~ Susan

Intrinsic Worth © Susan L Hart 2021 | Friendly comments welcome

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