Awakening Humanity

There is a spiritual revolution quietly brewing in the heart of humanity. A surging, monumental wave undulates persistently around the world. Can you feel it?

Isolation has had a way of removing our normal distractions this past year. Oh, we tried our best to fill up that newly available time with various projects and more social media. But that nagging feeling that our lives weren’t quite right in the first place, “what are we trying to get back to?“, has not gone away.

The curtain has been pulled aside, the yawning void has been revealed, and for some people that is scarier than any virus could ever be.

Questioning how we’ve been living our lives

I thought my life had meaning, now I’m not so sure. Why was I busting my butt all those mornings, commuting to a job I hated? Why did I put the dream of a big house before the dream of a happy and cohesive family? Why did I sacrifice my own dreams so I could try to measure up to society’s yard stick of success?

And on it goes. The monologue playing in your head will be different than the next person’s, but you get the idea. We are still in a time of extreme self-examination, as well as opening our eyes to the dysfunctional aspects of our societies.

Much of it is not pretty, so we are inclined to turn our eyes away. But wait! Isn’t that what we’ve been doing for too long now? Losing ourselves in our technological devices? Trusting that everything would be taken care of for us by external authority? Trusting that the formula for life that society insisted we adhere to was a good one? Trusting the message that we shouldn’t trust in ourselves, after all, what could we possibly know?

The big opportunity for change

To say that this time is important is hugely understating it. Humanity is riding the wave on the cusp of a gargantuan shift in consciousness. Change is a scary proposition and we have a tendency to avoid it at all cost. However, this current global situation has thrown down the gauntlet for you, me, and the rest of humanity. The big question hanging in the air, the pink elephant in the room is, will we rise to the occasion and create something better for ourselves?

Take the time to ask questions, and while you’re searching for the answers, listen not only to your head, but also to your heart and your gut. There’s a voice crying to be inside of you. It is your own, but it is also connected to all of humanity. Hear its song and feel its pulse. We are all inextricably connected.

Inspirational Quotes:

“Awareness is the greatest agent for change.”~ Eckhart Tolle

“Once the soul awakens, the search begins and you can never go back. From then on, you are inflamed with a special longing that will never again let you linger in the lowlands of complacency and partial fulfillment. The eternal makes you urgent. You are loath to let compromise or the threat of danger hold you back from striving toward the summit of fulfillment.” ~ John O’Donohue

“We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

“When you have once seen the glow of happiness on the face of a beloved person, you know that a man can have no vocation but to awaken that light on the faces surrounding him. In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.” ~ Albert Camus

“You have wakened not out of sleep, but into a prior dream, and that dream lies within another, and so on, to infinity, which is the number of grains of sand. The path that you are to take is endless, and you will die before you have truly awakened.” ~ Jorge Luis Borges

“You are never alone. You are eternally connected with everyone.” ~ Amit Ray

“The greatest hazard of all, losing one’s self, can occur very quietly in the world, as if it were nothing at all. No other loss can occur so quietly; any other loss – an arm, a leg, five dollars, a wife, etc., is sure to be noticed.” ~ Søren Kierkegaard

“A kind of light spread out from her. And everything changed color. And the world opened out. And a day was good to awaken to. And there were no limits to anything. And the people of the world were good and handsome. And I was not afraid any more.” ~ John Steinbeck



Awakening Humanity © Susan L Hart 2021| Friendly comments welcome | Photos courtesy Alex Azabache, Pexels and Free-Photos, Pixabay


2 thoughts on “Awakening Humanity

  1. Vignesh M

    Amazing post. The pandemic times have awakened the spirit of many and led to introspection of what we truly need than what the society expects us from. Thanks for the reminder.


    1. Susan L Hart Post author

      Thank you for reading and commenting, Vignesh. It is up to us to envision and create the society that we want now, a new paradigm. I think fixing what we have within old parameters is just not going to work.

      Liked by 1 person


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