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Becoming Civilized

Are we a fully civilized society? We assume
because we have advanced forward in linear
time that it is naturally a given we are also
more progressed in terms of our knowledge,
wisdom, and sophistication. But are we?

How sophisticated is it to indulge in the kind
of social behavior we witness in society at
the moment? As our buildings get taller and
our computers become faster, we are forgetting
the fundamental human skills needed to build
a truly great civilization. In short, we are
losing touch with our humanness, our decency,
our respect for the Earth that serves us.

There are societies we label as primitive that
have or had a much greater grasp of the ethics
and integrity of a respectful and fulfilling
society. I suggest that it is time to put our
inflated egos aside and learn from them, in
order that we may incorporate some of their
higher principles back into our modern life.

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Finding Truth

Humanity is struggling to find the truth.
With the incessant yackety-yak of media
and the so obvious inconsistencies in
various controversial political narratives
(including about COVID), how do we
know what is true? People are turning to
fact checkers, and I ask you, how do we
really know for sure they speak the truth?
It is a very deep rabbit hole and one has
to wonder, how far does it go? Society
appears to be riven with lies,. Our big
challenge is uncovering the truth.

Have you considered that the real “truth
barometer” resides inside you? Listen
to the narrative(s), have discernment, use
your critical thinking skills, question,
question, and question more, then listen
to your gut. Does the news you process
resonate as truth? Or, does it make you
squirm? Is there a niggling piece inside
you, which in spite of being contrary to
what you previously believed, just won’t
be suppressed? Therein lies your clue.

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Photo courtesy Alex Fu, Pexels

Author website: SusanLHart.com


Take a Stand

The dramatic changes taking place in
society are making us squirm.
Why would that be, do you think?
I would suggest it is less about the
external upheaval and more about
the internal turmoil.

The external world is causing us to
evaluate our internal value systems.
Many will look for what the crowd
seems to be deciding and follow it.
But now more than ever, it is time
for us as individuals to do our own
critical thinking and have the courage
to take a stand, even if it flies in the
face of consensual opinion. The future
of humanity depends on it.

Have the courage to be different, if deep
down you have convictions you feel are
right, but they “go against the flow”.

Those who really know you and if you
are a good person, will accept you even
when you dare to have a different opinion.
Those who don’t know you and see you as
“the enemy” because you dared to be
different from them, well, in the greater
scheme of your life, do they matter?


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Thought Power

We tend to be careless with our
thoughts, and yet we shouldn’t be.
Our thoughts shape who we are and
the lives we live. We are literally the
products of our thoughts, both as
individuals and as a collective.

Certainly right now society is caught in
the web of an illness thought form –
that basically we are an ill society.
The challenge for us is this: How do we
get to a place of wellness thinking?

Much of the answer to this, I believe,
rests in our willingness to start taking
charge of our thoughts, to have a sense
of personal responsibility for our health,
our own lives, and our well-being.
Be self-observant of, and careful with,
what is rattling around in your mind.


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The Beauty Cure

Would you say that you are cognizant
of the beauty around you, day-to-day?

Appreciating the beauty of life is a
powerful antidote for the negativity
prevalent in society right now.
Ugliness can tend to taint everything
around it and drag everyone down.
You know the saying, “One bad apple
spoils the whole bushel.”

Resist the effect of the bad apple.
When you persist in seeing the beauty
in spite of the negativity, you become an
agent of positive change. People around
you pick up on this energy, your vibe,
and you uplift them too. The world
becomes a better place, rippling outward
from you.


Photo courtesy Tanathip Rattanatum, Pexels

Author website: SusanLHart.com