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The Lock on the Library Door


Need I say much more? Freedom begins in our minds, and how we see ourselves as part of society. When we are autonomous in our being (not letting someone else own us), we help to create a society that would never tolerate locks on the library door.

Censorship suggests that we are not intelligent enough to make up our own minds about what is right and wrong. Censorship removes our ability to see “the big picture”, and to make choices for ourselves and society. The current rise in censorship says a lot about where society is headed. Do you like that direction?

Longtime and widely read children’s author Judy Blume speaks about censorship on her website here: Judy Blume Talks About Censhorship

One of Judy’s most beloved books (published back in 1970, and previously subject to banning,), Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret, has just been released as a mainstream movie. Joanna Weiss writes a though-provoking article about Judy’s book, the passage of time, and the changing face of censorship: ‘Are You There, God?’ Reminds Us Why Books Are Still Banned, Even in the Digital Age

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