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Cultivate Your Power


We live in an information society unprecedented in history. Constantly bombarded with images and words from radio, television, print media, and the Internet, we have scarcely a moment of quiet solitude to hear our own inner voices. The danger is that eventually we’ll lose touch with our own innate wisdom, and simply become a cog in a programmed society. Whatever our conscious minds are not aware of, or care not to deal with in the moment, our subconscious is absorbing and filing away. Let’s face it; there are many external forces at work vying for a piece of our minds…

Taking back ownership of our own minds is an important first step towards creating a new world. Our minds are powerful tools of creation, and as long as we allow them to be cluttered with negativity and despair, that is all we will ever experience. What will you choose to focus your mind on today… the media’s projection of doom and gloom, or your own glorious vision of your life and the world around you?

Susan L Hart 2023