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Finding Truth

Humanity is struggling to find the truth.
With the incessant yackety-yak of media
and the so obvious inconsistencies in
various controversial political narratives
(including about COVID), how do we
know what is true? People are turning to
fact checkers, and I ask you, how do we
really know for sure they speak the truth?
It is a very deep rabbit hole and one has
to wonder, how far does it go? Society
appears to be riven with lies,. Our big
challenge is uncovering the truth.

Have you considered that the real “truth
barometer” resides inside you? Listen
to the narrative(s), have discernment, use
your critical thinking skills, question,
question, and question more, then listen
to your gut. Does the news you process
resonate as truth? Or, does it make you
squirm? Is there a niggling piece inside
you, which in spite of being contrary to
what you previously believed, just won’t
be suppressed? Therein lies your clue.

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Photo courtesy Alex Fu, Pexels

Author website: SusanLHart.com


Path to Knowledge

There are many paths to knowledge.
The Earth has been speaking to humanity
forever and she has not stopped. Our
heartbeats are intertwined, and yet lately
humans are abandoning her in favor of

Keep technology in its place. It has its
uses, but we are still organic beings.
The Earth and nature speak of ancient
wisdom that no computer will teach you.


Photo courtesy Pixabay, Pexels

Author website: SusanLHart.com


Dream or Reality?

Do you lucid dream? I do. Lucid dreams
feel as real as “real life”.
As a kid I had a recurring nightmare.
It was terrifying, and each time I lived
it, my fear controlled the outcome.
Then one night I observed myself in
the dream; I realized I was dreaming
and did not have to be a victim in it.
At that point my fear dissipated and I
directed the dream for a different
outcome. The nightmare stopped.

Now look around you at what is
happening in the world. Be an
objective observer. You have the
power with your mind to effect the
outcome, as long as you do not
become a slave to someone else’s
narrative about what reality is
or “should be”. We can direct our
reality, even when it appears that we
cannot. This takes focus.


Author website: SusanLHart.com


You Are Big

We live in a world where there are those
who would do anything to make us believe
we are small, our potential limited.
Nothing could be further from the truth.

You are big.
You are part of everything.
Your potential is infinite.
Or, as Rumi so poetically put it,
“You are the universe in ecstatic motion.”


Photo courtesy Sunyu Kim, Pexels

Author website: SusanLHart.com


Your Compass

Do you follow your own inner compass,
or do you tend to follow what the crowd
Humanity is unsettled in a way that it never
has been before. We are being confronted
with major moral dilemmas and choices.

Part of the current awakening in humans is
realizing that we can indeed make our
own choices. Our souls are intrinsically
self-governing before we enter this life.
But, this is a world where we are taught
that we must accept external man-made
rules without question.

We have the right to question. We are free,
as soon as we believe we are.


Photo courtesy of Olga, Pexels

Author website: SusanLHart.com