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Begin with Love

Love is the fundamental center of our universe.
Hate and fear try to worm their way in and take
over, time and time again. Experience says that
every time they do, the best of the human spirit
rises up to say no.

Want to help building a better world right now?
Make a pledge to always begin from a place of
love and the results will astonish you. The dark
has no real tools to fight love. Loving yourself
enough not to hook into your own dark side is a
very strong beginning. That’s how they beat us.


Photo of Van Gogh’s “A Wheatfield with Cyrpresses”

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Becoming Civilized

Are we a fully civilized society? We assume
because we have advanced forward in linear
time that it is naturally a given we are also
more progressed in terms of our knowledge,
wisdom, and sophistication. But are we?

How sophisticated is it to indulge in the kind
of social behavior we witness in society at
the moment? As our buildings get taller and
our computers become faster, we are forgetting
the fundamental human skills needed to build
a truly great civilization. In short, we are
losing touch with our humanness, our decency,
our respect for the Earth that serves us.

There are societies we label as primitive that
have or had a much greater grasp of the ethics
and integrity of a respectful and fulfilling
society. I suggest that it is time to put our
inflated egos aside and learn from them, in
order that we may incorporate some of their
higher principles back into our modern life.

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Your Contribution

Life is not about what we can take from
it; life really begins with what we
contribute to it.

What real meaning is there in “me, me, me”?
The big house any person managed to earn
with the sole goal of pumping up their own
egos, to gain status and impress their friends,
will prove meaningless on their deathbeds.

The real question to be answered  is,
“Is the world a better place because I
spent some time here?”

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Photo courtesy George Ketselashvili, Pexels

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Be Yourself

As Oscar Wilde so succinctly put it,
“Be yourself, everyone else is taken.”

Society has this need to shape and
mold us, to make us “be acceptable”.
Perhaps this has never been more
strongly true then it is right now.

Becoming our most authentic selves,
learning to be true to ourselves, is
sometimes a lifetime journey. But it
does not have to be! We are not born
with the masks that society encourages
or demands that we wear. We acquire
them to “get along” and to “fit in”.

Look to nature as an example. There
are no games; nature is authentic.
No giraffe is wasting his life hating
his “too long” neck and trying to be
the best zebra ever.


Photo courtesu Kalz, Pexels

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Real Life

Life is about so much more than just
surviving. As of late, however, we are
increasingly being conditioned to believe
that is all that is important.

Personally, my concern is that the longer
we drift from our hold on what really
living life means, we will forget.

What does life mean to you? Do you take
stock of what makes life feel fulfilling?
Certainly our dreams, big and small, have
taken a real beating this year. We must
keep a firm grasp on those and not
let them go. Our dreams are what shape
our futures. And whatever anyone may
tell you to the contrary, you have the right
to live your dream.

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