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Less Worry, More Creation

These turbulent times call for us to be more protective of ourselves. Have you noticed? The black cloud perpetuated by the media is extremely soul draining. We must turn it off (at least some of the time), so that we can regain our balance.

We are now entering the third year of the viral narrative. It has pretty much overtaken our lives. Humanity is living under a spell, and worry has become an almost unshakable habit.

I have written often of the healing power of nature, but in those moments when we feel overwhelmed by the negativity, it isn’t always possible to drop everything to go to the park. I know this all too well! So when you feel anxiety rising, it’s time to close your eyes and escape to a beautiful place within you to balance your energy. Call it “meditation moments”. It’s better if it’s a place you have actually been to in the past, so that you can utilize all the sensory memories to recapture the good feelings you experienced in that place.

In time and with our diligent intention, this reign of fear shall pass. It is essential to free ourselves from the worry thoughts that have been imposed upon us, so we can get back to the positive work of creating. The strength of our own minds and hearts is the pathway out of this darkness, and we can do it together.

“Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, focus your energy on what you can create.” ~ Roy Bennett


Less Worry, More Creation © Susan L Hart 2022 | Friendly comments welcome | Photo courtesy titouhwayne, Pixabay

Breaking Out

As a Western woman traveler, what was the greatest gift bestowed upon me in Asia and South America? I became no longer insulated from the overwhelming level of poverty in the world. When a problem is right in front of your eyes, and if you are a compassionate person, your mind inevitably goes to how you can be part of the solution. It grew me.

We are not born here to just live a certain formula of life. Every society has its own unique formula, and rest assured, traveling has also shown me that we are all programmed from birth to live a certain way.

Part of our soul learning is to question the pat formulas, the way “it has always been done”, to break out of mental boxes and find new ways of thinking and living that are not only fulfilling to ourselves, but also uplifting to our fellow man.

When my partner and I I lived in Thailand, we befriended a young Thai woman named Poom. She worked as a waitress at a favorite little restaurant where we often went to drink coffee. It is the custom for young Thais to work hard and send much of the money back home to their very poor families. She was bound by her commitments, working very long hours, and seemingly with no prospects of ever doing better. I could feel her quiet discontent.

I soon came to realize that her greatest obstacle was not her limited education or her physical circumstances. It was her mind, which although so very obviously intelligent, was also taught to believe in limitations. It was stuck and unable to conjure any thoughts of other possibilities.

But when it comes right down to it, are we not all bound by “what is expected”? The great awakening in humanity right now is in both mind and heart, to see and make manifest the infinite possibilities rather than the limitations. Our societies, governments, and mass media are very good at reinforcing the limitations. That is our greatest mental challenge and where we must start, to filter out and see past that programming.

And this is our soul’s hunger… To grow and become more, to feel like our being here for awhile means something, that we have the personal power to manifest positive change in the world.

The time has come for all of us to break out of our mental prisons.

Breaking Out © Susan L Hart 2021 / HartInspirations.com / Friendly comments welcome | Photo courtesy SadahamYathra, Pixabay

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Give Yourself Peace

“Peace on Earth” is a popular wish and refrain at this Yuletide season. But as 2021 draws to a close, perhaps inner peace is the thing we should most intend for 2022. It’s not just that the world is a mess. For two years now, our inner peace has been completely turned on its ear.

As Siddhārtha Gautama said, “Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” Yes, peace begins with each of us. If we do not somehow find our own inner peace in this turbulence, then we are contributing to the collective angst.

We are the power that will create change. There is no one coming to save us; we must save ourselves. That is the whole point to this extreme growth period in which humanity finds itself.

Rather than praying “to be saved”, ask for strength to endure the turmoil, to find knowledge that is truth, wisdom to recognize the path, and courage to do what is right. Align peacefully with your own wisdom and light, and trust that you will know the right things to do. You will gain the inner peace needed to walk in the world feeling balanced. You will become a spark of positive change.

Traditionally this is a season of exceptional joy and goodwill. My wish for you is that you will claim your happiness with your families this season. Do you remember Dr. Seuss’s story, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”? The Grinch steals all the decorations, special food, and gifts, hoping to wreck Christmas for the Whos. (Which, by the way, is psychopathic behavior. This story has a deep message.)

To the Grinch’s dismay, all the Whos in Whoville nonetheless emerge from their homes on Christmas morning, hold hands in a circle, and sing their traditional song of Christmas joy around the tree in the town square.

We must not let the Grinches of this world steal our peace and joy. The day we do that, we are beaten. No matter what, SING to celebrate All that Is.

Inspirational Quotes

“Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.” ~ Albert Einstein

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” ~ Mother Teresa

“If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there would be peace.” ~ John Lennon

Give Yourself Peace © Susan L Hart 2021 / Visit my bookstore


Intrinsic Worth

Experience and learning, love, and the people in your life are the gold. Your soul is the gold. YOU are the gold.

We live in a world that prays to the almighty money god. For many people, their idea of abundance is simply loads of money in the bank, and the ability to buy any THING they want. Money = happiness, or so they think. But is this true abundance? What have you invested in today that would still be with you tomorrow if your money disappeared overnight?

At the end of your life, in your soul’s journey and looking back from your deathbed, the things you accumulated will mean nothing. They will be simply material objects that accompanied you on your journey through life.

If you are not doing so already, invest in your inner soul growth. We all grapple with fear of loss if we were to make a decision that leads us down a wrong path. But most decisions are not life threatening; they are simply experiences we are choosing.

There arrives this magic moment (and too often in desperation) when we ask ourselves, “Why am I holding myself back this way? I feel there is more in me than this. I know that I could be happier than I am.”

There is a goldmine waiting to be tapped within you. Learning brings wisdom, and that is gold in your pocket, wealth of a different kind. When you do the work and the learning, your metamorphosis is inevitable.

Paradoxically, all those material things you yearned for will flow to you like a river. You will enjoy them, but they will no longer be something you need to be happy. The true happiness already came to you from within.

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Thank you for reading! ~ Susan


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Our Beautiful Earth

Our Beautiful Earth compiles some of my own art from my 20-year career as a professional artist, along with stories, poems, haikus and anecdotes to make a visually rich and thoughtful collection.

Our deep and important connection with Earth and nature is a theme about which I write often in my Hart Inspirations blog. This book was created with the deep desire that the reader will feel a greater appreciation of the amazing planet we all share and call home.

Our Beautiful Earth book contains 44 visuals and 8,000+ words. There is a preview provided on the book listing page. It’s about a 40-minute read, one designed to inspire multiple revisits for contemplation.

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And as always, thank you for following my writing! ~ Susan L Hart, HartInspirations.com