Be Yourself

As Oscar Wilde so succinctly put it,
“Be yourself, everyone else is taken.”

Society has this need to shape and
mold us, to make us “be acceptable”.
Perhaps this has never been more
strongly true then it is right now.

Becoming our most authentic selves,
learning to be true to ourselves, is
sometimes a lifetime journey. But it
does not have to be! We are not born
with the masks that society encourages
or demands that we wear. We acquire
them to “get along” and to “fit in”.

Look to nature as an example. There
are no games; nature is authentic.
No giraffe is wasting his life hating
his “too long” neck and trying to be
the best zebra ever.


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Finding Truth

Humanity is struggling to find the truth.
With the incessant yackety-yak of media
and the so obvious inconsistencies in
various controversial political narratives
(including about COVID), how do we
know what is true? People are turning to
fact checkers, and I ask you, how do we
really know for sure they speak the truth?
It is a very deep rabbit hole and one has
to wonder, how far does it go? Society
appears to be riven with lies,. Our big
challenge is uncovering the truth.

Have you considered that the real “truth
barometer” resides inside you? Listen
to the narrative(s), have discernment, use
your critical thinking skills, question,
question, and question more, then listen
to your gut. Does the news you process
resonate as truth? Or, does it make you
squirm? Is there a niggling piece inside
you, which in spite of being contrary to
what you previously believed, just won’t
be suppressed? Therein lies your clue.

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Building a Life

There are two essential things, I believe,
which bring happiness to people.
One is to love and be loved.
The other is to feel productive, to have
a sense of purpose in life.

If we are lucky, we do work that we love.
If we do not love our work (I have been
there, done that, and likely most of us
have at some point in our lives), nonetheless,
there is satisfaction in the expending of
energy to build a life.

Building a life.
Within the current scenario in society
right now, let’s not lose sight of our desire,
and our right, to build lives that we love.
Much of our sense of fulfillment is rooted
in our deep human drives.

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Path to Knowledge

There are many paths to knowledge.
The Earth has been speaking to humanity
forever and she has not stopped. Our
heartbeats are intertwined, and yet lately
humans are abandoning her in favor of

Keep technology in its place. It has its
uses, but we are still organic beings.
The Earth and nature speak of ancient
wisdom that no computer will teach you.


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A New Vision

Throughout all of time, humanity has
experienced periods of light and dark.
Historically, the low periods are an
opportunity to examine the darkness, not
just in the world, but also within us.
Overcoming oppression is often a key
theme played out in society during
these times.

When I look at society right now,
there can be (I think) no doubt that
society has fallen to a new low. It
appears to be acceptable for our leaders
to bully us. (What right do they have?)
And people in the interests of changing
society use low energy tools such as
shaming, blaming, guilt, and aggression
to achieve their goal of forcing others
to align to their viewpoint. It is just
more bullying. Basically, humanity is
groveling in the dirt.

We are so much better than this. It’s
time to lift our eyes to the stars, and
aspire to higher spiritual principles.
We need to envision and work together
to achieve a world of higher integrity
and values. We can do this, but it’s time
now to get on board and actively
participate in creating a better world.

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