Waterfall of stars,
ride the night, wisher’s delight!
A meteor trick.

This haiku was written specially for Rebecca Cunningham’s (Fake Flamenco) May 2023 poetry challenge.

Rebecca’s prompt:
This month we will write a haiku (5/7/5 syllables) using the phrase “Waterfall of Stars.” While reading a YA story recommended by our teen called The Barren Grounds by David A. Robertson, Rebecca came across this phrase and thought it was beautiful. Haikus don’t officially have titles, though if you prefer to save your syllables you may use it that way.

There were a few slants I considered for this, but I finally decided on the scientific one. What we call falling (or shooting) stars, are in fact not stars at all. They are really meteoroids.

More of the science here: What causes a falling star?

Superstition says that wishing upon a falling star will grant your wish. However, as the next article points out, your might best wish that your “falling star” doesn’t hit our planet.

It’s getting bigger,
it’s getting A LOT bigger…

(Just a little bonus haiku for you.) Lol And more about our wishfulness here: Why do we wish upon stars?

This was fun, Rebecca. Thanks for the challenge. 🙂

“Falling”, haiku G Susan L Hart 2023 | HartInspirations.com | (SusanLHart.com)

6 thoughts on “Falling

  1. Rita O'Donald

    I enjoyed your article very much!! You are the Haiku Queen!! Having grown up in the Texas Panhandle, summer night time was always fun. Us cousins enjoyed many weekend sleepovers with grandparents who lived in the country. It also meant that we got to stay up late to watch the night time sky for falling stars and because there was no light pollution, we were rarely disappointed. We would drag the “special” quilt out to the back yard and lie there waiting and watching for falling stars, generally horsing around and oooohing and awwwing. Waiting for the “big one,” and counting how many we saw was the objective. Those were such good times. Too bad kids today miss out on those magical times. Thank you, Susan, for reviving such such fun and special memories.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hart Inspirations Post author

      Oh Rita, I love your story! I’m a big fan of open spaces and big skies. There is a feeling of freedom in nature. I can picture you and your cousins laying on the special quilt, waiting for “the big one”. Yes, those really were the days. I have many happy memories of playing outdoors in all seasons, with my siblings and friends. Thank you for sharing your memories with all of us. 🙂



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