A World of Questions


Science is logic based in fact, and scientists (such as Albert Einstein in the quote) question what has come before. In order to make groundbreaking advancements, a new idea is the basis for a hypothesis, which then must proven via usually extensive experimentation.

Intuitive people also question. Based on their gut feelings – “something doesn’t feel right here” – they watch for the spaces and incongruities (the holes, as it were) in what is being presented as absolute truth. They also do their own research instead of blindly accepting what is being put in front of them. This is called having discernment and using critical thinking.

We are living in times where increasingly we’re being told that we should not question. But not questioning will keep us in a stagnant state, and possibly also an ignorant one. If it really is the truth, it will stand the test of questioning, and if it’s not the truth, ultimately it will not.

So my question is, why aren’t more people questioning being told they should not question?

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4 thoughts on “A World of Questions

  1. Life with Alegria

    There are some people who question things, but you’re right many don’t. The problem with this is often because people hold on to their beliefs so strongly they don’t feel a need to question. We now live in a culture where opinion is considered dogma. Good thought Susan.

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        1. Susan L Hart Post author

          Well, I’m trying to do my part, and provoke some thought about what people are choosing for their own futures. Censorship may seem like a good idea to some people at this moment in time, because it protects their point of view. But what about the day when their words are no longer acceptable for some reason or other? Do they think about that? Thank you for your comments, Alegria.

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