Back to the Drawing Board


I’ve been toying for awhile now with the idea of adding some illustrations to my stories. This means I need to brush up on my drawing skills; I’ve been away from making art for quite some time.

I love wildlife, so this morning I just randomly picked a photo of a bird to work from. I’m not 100% happy with it, but as a quick first attempt, it’s not too bad. Yay! It’s like riding a bike.

I will post some more sketches as I practice. (Sorry for the quality of the photo – in future I’ll scan the work – this will get better.)

Sketch 1 | Susan L Hart 2023 | Susan L | Learn to Draw ebook

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6 thoughts on “Back to the Drawing Board

          1. Rita O'Donald

            Susan, you are one of the most talented people I know! You are a gifted writer and your art work is incredible. I especially love the eye of the bird ….. it really draws you to it. The universe is calling you – give a listen….. for us.

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            1. Susan L Hart, Author Post author

              Rita, thank you so much. It felt so good to do some artwork again. Previously I did paintings to sell in galleries, so they were one-off pieces. I’m looking forward to making some art that I can combine with my writing and share with more people now. Yes, the universe has been tugging at me lately to make some changes. I’m listening. 🙂


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