Mending Our Broken Dreams

How many people suffer through a lifelong low-grade malaise instead of living a full-on vibrant life, simply because they did not choose to live their dream?

“It’s not my fault. No one told me I should.”

Currently we live in a world that too often does not support creativity and independent thinking, but rather encourages conformity and obedience. The system makes it easy to cop out on our dreams and take the safe, easy path. We’re not taught to have any kind of vision of our own brilliance and bravely follow it.

But built into this equation is also the fact that we ultimately are responsible for our decisions. No one else. And therein lies the real crux of it. There’s also a current trend that says it’s okay to blame someone else, anyone else, for everything that is wrong with one’s life.

Not taking personal responsibility may be the biggest societal malaise of all. If things go wrong out there in the big, bad world, we can blame the system. But wait! We agree to and support it, so we really only have ourselves to blame.

Perhaps real change begins by encouraging the next generation to truly embrace their creativity from a very young age, and not just learning by rote for a society that is outdated and failing.

And perhaps more than that, we need more love, empathy, and support between each other on a personal level. If we cannot count on the support of each other to build our dreams, and as well to have empathy and lend a hand to someone whose dreams are temporarily in tatters, then the system will have succeeded in killing our humanness.

Let’s not let it do that to us.

© Susan L Hart |

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