The Offering

The little girl
offered her mum
the flower, a
token of love,
innocence free
of any labels,
rules, and

“That’s not
a flower, it’s
a weed! You
don’t give
that to people,
you kill it,
it makes the
lawn ugly,
throw it away!”

the little girl
retreated to
her room, not
why her mother
could not see
the beauty of
her offering.

Years passed,
the girl grown up,
obeying the rules,
prepared to spray
the hated yellow,
so the neighbors
would envy her
pristine grass.

Feeling a tug
on her sleeve,
she turned to
scold her young
daughter for
interrupting this
urgent work,
couldn’t she wait
just a minute?

Her daughter’s
expectant smile,
with little hand
clasping a sad
drooping flower,
“Let’s save this
one, Mommy”,
transported her
back in time.

Now each spring
dandelions bloom
wild and free at
22 Main Street,
shouting out
in happy yellow
to all who’ll listen,
transforming a
world of rules to
a journey of joy.

The Offering © Susan L Hart 2023 |

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