Threshold of Your Mind


The most effective mentors in my life taught me by their example, while not treating me as inferior at along the way. They “led me to the threshold of my mind”. There was always a sort of flow, a reciprocal give and take of learning and teaching between us that was enjoyable. Those relationships have tended to last.

There have been other teachers where there was a sort of ego thing going on; they clearly wanted me to “stay in my place” as a student. This sort of relationship starts to chafe after a while. At a certain point, in spite of being grateful for the learning, there was no real space for me in the relationship any more. I had to move on.

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4 thoughts on “Threshold of Your Mind

    1. Hart Inspirations Post author

      VJ, I bought couple of Kahlil Gibran’s collections of writing when i was a teenager. I was very attracted to his writing, but I don’t think I totally appreciated the depth of it then. Of course, that would have to do with a different perspective I have now, being older and some life experience behind me. I wish I had those books still, to read again…

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      1. VJ

        My father kept two books at his bedside – Gibran and Rumi. I would sneak away with them as a youngster trying to understand the words. Only now can I appreciate them and the man who sought their guidance.

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