Society used to
be built on
the character of
the people who
wove the fabric.

Hard Work,
and Vision.

These were the
vital strands
woven into the
warp and weft of
our world.

Now society is
fabricated on
voices in thin air,
virtual words with
empty promises.

We want that
world back,
a place where
strong character’s
substance reigns.

But wanting and
deciding are
two unlike things,
one is a wish,
the other intent.

Nothing comes
for free, and
everything worth
anything is still
worth the work.

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3 thoughts on “Fabrications

    1. Hart Inspirations Post author

      Absolutely, VJ. It’s bad enough with humans behind the wheel, but I’m reading quite a a lot lately that there will be more media generated by AI. So, even more reason to hone our discernment. Sometimes I really miss when our lives were not dominated by computers. But then, I wouldn’t be doing this…

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