Civilized, are we?


Are we a fully civilized society? We assume because we have advanced forward in linear time that it is naturally a given we are also more progressed in terms of our knowledge, wisdom, and sophistication. But are we?

How sophisticated is it to indulge in the kind of behavior we witness in society at the moment? As our buildings get taller and our computers become faster, we are forgetting the fundamental human skills needed to build a truly great civilization. In short, we are losing touch with our humanness, our decency, our respect for the Earth that serves us.

There are societies we label as primitive that have or had a much greater grasp of the ethics and integrity of a respectful and fulfilling society. I suggest that it is time to put our inflated egos aside and learn from them, in order that we may incorporate some of their higher principles back into our modern life.

The haiku is from my HartHaiku archives, a slightly different version was first posted February 8, 2019.

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