Joy of the Unexpected


Imagine walking out your front door one morning to encounter an elephant walking down the street. What a delightful new experience it was for me in Thailand! This is one of the absolute joys of traveling, discovering the new. I do believe that the new is what helps us to grow.

We live in a world right now that wants to nail us down to one place and limited experience. 15-minute cities? I don’t think so, at least not for everyone, and certainly not if we are required to become slaves to that one tiny little corner of the world.

Anyway… the real point is, I think for many of us, our souls crave some adventure to one degree or another. Your essence is spirit, a soul that is infinite. How can it learn when it’s confined to a very narrow band of experience? Something to ponder.

(Here’s a related point of interest for you: Did you know that Thailand means “Land of the Free? Read more about the history here: Land of the Free: How Thailand Got Its Name)

Have a beautiful day. And when you go out walking, bicycling, or driving today, try to take a different route. Discover something new. 😉

Susan L Hart, 2023 /


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