By Your Grace

Dear Pachamama,
it’s unnerving when
you roil and rant,
rattling your saber –
An empty threat?
I feel Earth slide,
my life tenuous
beneath my feet.

Tornadoes & floods,
hail & hurricanes,
this earthquake
another reminder
that we live always
by your grace,
so better live now,
tomorrow’s uncertain.

© Susan L Hart 2023

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2 thoughts on “By Your Grace

  1. motiv8n

    Great read, Susan! Your words truly capture the unpredictable nature of our planet and how we are always at the mercy of Mother Nature. Out of curiosity, do you have any tips for readers on how to prepare for natural disasters and cope with the uncertainty they bring?


    1. Susan L Hart, Author Post author

      Dear motiv8n, I suppose that if you know you live in an area where natural disaster could strike, a certain amount of physical preparedness is a sensible thing. So, are you prepared to pick up and leave at a moment’s notice with essentials? (Or hunker down and weather the storm.) There are many places in the world where hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc are historically predictable.

      Beyond that, I think we are living in times where better mental preparedness is essential, for natural disasters or otherwise. There is a great deal of upheaval in society, and therefore uncertainty. Letting go of the idea of how life “should be” allows a person to be more fluid, adaptable, and self-sufficient for whatever may be thrown at them. Thank you for reading – it’s a great comment!

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