It Will be Spring Soon

How our souls yearn for spring, for the sweetness of it, the rebirth of green and the feeling that no matter how hard the winter was, we endured it. We are finally rewarded with the chance to start afresh…


Our dreams are renewed in spring; we feel like anything is possible. The vitality of life runs through our veins again, just as the sap flows in the trees.

My heart drifts back to sweet memories of spring, accompanying my dad to the sugar bush, snow still on the ground, but the sun promising the coming warmth of summer. And hauling a big tin of maple syrup home, feeling the abundance that the Earth had provided. Even as a kid I appreciated it, the sweetness of this simple annual ritual with my father.

Our backyard boasted both a cherry and an apple tree; one would flower pink, the other white. I loved walking way down to the end of the yard, simply to admire the beautiful blossoms and breathe in their intoxicating, delicate scent.

Much later in adulthood, I discovered travel stories of Japan, and now my soul yearns to visit a place where the cherry blossom is revered and celebrated. Some day I will, paying homage to girlhood memories, springtime, my father, and the beauty of life, which ideally we should celebrate every day.

But oh, how it feels easier to celebrate that beauty in springtime!

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.” ~ Albert Camus



Susan L Hart 2023 /

5 thoughts on “It Will be Spring Soon

  1. Sandy Bowman

    hello and thank you for being here and writing such wonderful stories. I have just now, in my 77th year, found your work. I live in Ecuador and we do not have season, per se; But now I am thinking about how I can recognize Spring!

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    1. Susan L Hart Post author

      When you write about your father, Wynne, your relationship with him reminds me a lot of the one with mine. He also was a good person with strong values and integrity, and he was a tremendously great example to me growing up. Thanks for reading my memories. 🙂

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