This is
no caprice,
a mere fad,
sheer whimsy,
although to
the politicians
it may be,
they play with
our lives
so carelessly.

This is war,
blood splatters
the pavement,
fading light
in eyes that
saw Life
as worthy of
defending from
an ominous
dark enemy.

War does not
honor Life,
it burns,
it plunders,
it murders,
it destroys,
until all that
WE built
is reduced to
black ash.

What right do
they have?
We are not
their chattel,
this is our
world too,
it will not
get better ’til
we say no to
their evil.

Decimation © Susan L Hart


Susan L Hart 2022 /

3 thoughts on “Decimation

    1. Hart Inspirations Post author

      Living in the midst of a war zone is unimaginable. It must truly be a nightmare. I see the callous, inhumane behavior of political leaders lately (and not just in the example of war). The absolute disrespect they have for us and our lives is astounding to me.

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