End of the World Stuff

If you believed
it was the end
of the world
as we know it,
what would you
be doing
right now?

Would you still
be shopping for
a new couch,
on which to
watch movies
about the end
of the world?

Would you
to continue to
view life as
external to you,
or would you
begin to
look inward?

Would you start
to see yourself
as part of the
solution to change
our struggling
world, or would
you look away…

losing yourself
in the drivel on
your phone,
the latest celebrity
gossip and tell
yourself it will
all be okay.

I am here to
tell you it
won’t be okay
without you,
we need you
to awaken and
open your eyes.

Tyrants are
wrecking our
planet and lives,
you can choose
to awaken,
or continue
to sleep.

You are part
of it All,
there is nothing
external to
you, and when
you see that,
things will change.

Life is worth
saving from those
who do not
respect it or us,
so at the end
of the world,
what will you do?

End of the World Stuff © Susan L Hart 2022 | Please share, thanks!



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