Agape, Love for Humanity

Love is the force that draws us inexorably together, the glue that will not allow us to give up on each other. It is our greatest challenge and biggest source of miracles. Infinite love already exists in everything that is alive, including you and me. Our love lessons are about removing the obstacles to love. They teach us out how to access, express, and live it. That is, if we choose to learn.

This can sometimes feel difficult in a world that is expressing so much dissension and “un-love”, but each of us is a potential key to healing humanity. Fear, anger, and prejudice – we employ a myriad of padlocks to hold our love hostage. Every experience around love is an opportunity for self-examination, and for us to grow.

Do you realize? Your love gives you immense personal power to change the world. The mass media news is too often rife with division, hate, and fear. Some people just wait and hope for an external power or institution to cure the big problems of the world, because the events feel too big and out of their control. They will have a very long wait.

Consider that perhaps the high tension in the world right now is a challenge to each of us to work on unlocking our love. Together we could collectively unleash a world of love that has never been seen before.

If we don’t care enough to personally get in the game, the world we desire will slip through our fingers like quicksand. It begins with each of us, with one random act of kindness, a single word of compassion, a step upward on the stairway of understanding.

It’s one bit of love at a time. It ripples outward and builds. It comes from you, and me, and anyone else who chooses to participate, instead of just complaining about how bad things are. It’s what the ancient Greeks called “agape”, a selfless love for humanity, and the world sorely needs more of it.

Adopt a global consciousness. Choose to be a living example of love, compassion, and understanding. Work to bridge the divides you encounter. As Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

That which you give to the world, you ultimately give to yourself.

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