Light the World

The battle between the dark and light is a classic theme in many of our greatest stories, and in fact we each have our own shadow sides with which we grapple.

Is it my imagination though, that our world is feeling just a tad weighted to the dark side at the moment? When I feel discouraged about it, I take solace in this: In every cycle of this classic battle throughout the ages and when a crisis of the dark occurs, humanity digs down deep to find the best parts of itself. The darkness collapses and light emerges.

Every candle makes a difference, including you, and me, and every other person on the side of the light. It’s time to put our thinking towards how we’ll make this world a good place. We as individuals can choose to write the story we will live. If we don’t exercise our free will and choose, someone else will write our story for us.

We must envision the world we want, and then intend and contribute to it. We must not get distracted by or caught up in the story someone else is trying to write for us. To ensure that our vision of life is written, we all must get in the game and start creating it now, action by intentional action.

Whether you believe it or not, the fate of the world rests partly in your own hands. Find, nourish, and live all the light within you that you can. Be a light for the world.

This post is an excerpt from my ebook Becoming Bigger: Realizations of Self & Humanity.

Susan L Hart 2022 /

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