I Am Ocean

falling softly
pure, white
new life.

I am one.

cold hard
I land here.
I am ice,
I am lost.
I wait.

Spring comes,
warm sun,
I melt into
tiny rivulet.

I am born.

Playful riffles,
gently learning
to flow
to maneuver
to be stream.

Time passing
stream is good
but I want more,
then suddenly –
rushing, roaring,
swirling, foaming,

I become river.

Sometimes sunlight
flowing smoothly,
other times storms,
rocks, gashing,
hard, struggling.

to be with rocks,
trees, sky,
other rivulets,
and streams.

I am more.

Time passing,
waiting and
with a deep
hunger inside
for vast.

And finally,
I let go
of ego
and transform,
to endless, infinite
water ocean.

I die.
I am born.
I am One.

This poem is an excerpt from my ebook Our Beautiful Earth.

© Susan L Hart 2022 | My ebooks

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