Shaping Our Destiny

There are things I regret in my life lived thus far, mistakes I must live with and learn from, and endeavor to do better next time. Such is life, and also the process of every soul’s learning. I do not want the most haunting question at the end of my life to be, “Who was I?” To not be able to answer this question would be very sad. To not really know one’s self by the end means a life spent skating along the surface.

To take this mental meandering to another level, if we keep going the way we are as a collective, will humanity end in a place where its last thought is, “Who were we?” That would be the saddest of all. A whole collective of human souls, realizing they gave up their personal power and never reached their potential, or worse, never even realizing they had it. Because right now who we are is a group of beings who are being held back tremendously by a matrix that wants to completely control and shape our future.

Perhaps as part of a greater humanity, it is time for each of us to really start questioning, “Who ARE we, and where are we headed? What future do WE want to create for ourselves?” I believe the creative answers that come to us from such questions can completely change the course of human destiny. How about you?

© Susan L Hart 2022 /

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