A New Paradigm

We stand on the cusp
of a new time,
a new way of being.

Discontent with a
world that condones
war for the sake
of profit,
promotes materialism
rather than true
divides and conquers
connections between people
at every turn.

Saying “no” to it all,
and envisioning a world
where freedom and peace,
love for the Earth
and humanity at large
are the norm.

Where every person
has the tools
and encouragement
to express their talents,
and feel fulfilled
and valued.

Where abundance in
every way possible
is not blocked, but
it becomes reality,
and where love is
the force that prevails.

Of all this,
and more,
we dream,
we envision,
we intend,
we create.

For we have the power
with our thoughts,
love, and intention
to create
a New Paradigm,

And the time is now.

© Susan L Hart | HartInspirations.com | My ebooks

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