Don’t Give Me Hope

Hope’s empty promise
will not save humanity;
Our intentions will.

Hope, although comforting, in my mind is at best vapid, and at its worst, dangerous. Hope slyly ushers us into a vacuous void that discredits our own potential, where we quietly, obediently wait to be saved. We could call it “Hope’s Waiting Room”. Hope idolizes the super hero who will take pity on our misery and remove us from harm.

Why is humanity playing victim this way? We are magnificent! We are capable of creating the change. Personally, I don’t want my future to hang on the slippery slope of hope, but rather on a solidly grounded foundation of strength of will, a positive vision, and intention to create it. (Oh yes, and let’s not forget the willingness to do the work required!)

How about you?

What would you do if someone told you that you weren’t allowed to grow tomatoes? You may think this sounds like fiction – and in my story it is – but in our very over-regulated world, it could all too easily become reality.

Read my humorous short story satire to ponder on it. It’s a free download; no subscribing is required. Please share it with your friends.

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8 thoughts on “Don’t Give Me Hope

  1. Barbaraar

    This is one of your best, Susan Hart, and the core issue. It’s owning our power and sovereignty, and our intention in action that changes reality. I’m so grateful for your depth of insight.

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  2. christinagillett

    Well I definitely prefer to take action rather than wait and hope, and my personal problem with hope is that too much of it makes the disappointment greater if things don’t work out. On the other hand I do tend to find that hope is necessary to get enough energy and motivation to make effort and take action. Which means the risk of disappointment has to be accepted!

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    1. Hart Inspirations Post author

      That’s a good point, Christina, on some hope being required to have the motivation to take action. It is somewhat of a circular problem, yes? And I have found that there was some risk involved in everything that has been worthwhile in my life.



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