Holistic Humanity

How to reconcile
life put on pause
with undeniable
human need to
hug, smile, laugh,
work, play, live,
thrive and be

It’s impossible;
the human spirit
though resilient
is crushed when
it cannot feel
loving, playful,
productive, and
completely alive.

State of body
now strictly more
important than
mind and spirit,
sad conundrum
that confounds
the holistic health
of all humanity.

*Note: I wrote this poem in April 2021, when many of us were still under heavy restrictions, and had been for over a year. It felt terribly out of balance to me. A handful of people making decisions on the behalf of 8 billion more, who seemingly were not considering the future ramifications of damaged minds and spirits from their decisions based on body only.

And I wonder, have we learned from all of this?

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