What humankind builds inevitably crumbles and turns to dust. Nature being centered in some higher power of the universe, quietly takes over and continues in its eternal renewal and expansion. Total human civilizations have been built and destroyed while Nature watches.

Perhaps it is time we took a cue from Nature. We are no longer centered in our eternal natural rhythms; they are being overwritten with man-made programming. We think we own our smart phones, but more often than not, they end up owning us. Next time you’re out in a public place, look around you. Generally speaking, more faces are pointing down towards those tiny screens than are looking up and around at the world.

We are organic beings, not machines, and yet those little screens have quite a scary hold on humankind. Technology has its place and can be very helpful to us, but if Nature teaches us anything, it’s about balance.

How do we reclaim ourselves, so that we can live in balanced harmony with our natural habitat (the Earth) and our machines?

     © Susan L Hart | | My ebooks

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