Of What We are Made

We are living in times of revelation. When I look back at the big picture of the past two years, I am struck by self-serving agendas and unabashed profit-making as the collective global population was made to feel so fearful. Now just as that threat seems to be easing, we are faced with the possibility of nuclear war.

We look at our leaders in wonderment, that a person or people who supposedly have our best interests at heart might push a button(s) that could kill millions, or maybe even billions on the planet. Maybe the button will be pushed, and maybe it won’t. Right now we live with that uncertainty, and the knowledge that innocent lives are already being destroyed.

What is certain is that the chess game being played by world leaders is, as I speak, causing untold damage to the future welfare of humanity. As only one example, if the sanctions continue, it will have a devastating effect on an already fragile and inadequate world food supply. We face mass starvation if this craziness continues.

After they have wrought whatever damage they deem necessary to accomplish their own agendas, we will be left to clean up the messes of the ones we put in charge. There will need to be a complete re-evaluation of what life means. The things we thought were important will fall away, as we try to figure out how to build a better civilization.

The question then will not be what any of us can do to be a “success” within the old definition of a crumbled society. (In Western society, that too often means material accumulation.) Rather, the question will be what each of us can contribute to heal and rebuild our world, and make it a place we would feel good about passing on to our children and grandchildren.

We can no longer afford to leave our futures in the hands of these others. Ultimately we have to claim, and then dig in and build, the world we want. In the doing of that, we will discover of what we are really made.

This is the wake up call humanity has been waiting for, and I predict that we will astound ourselves!

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