Cherish Life

Do you live each day of your life fully? We know we are mortal and life will sometime end, but we still tend to live as though we’ve been given an endless supply of days.

The seconds, minutes, and hours tick away relentlessly. If “no” is your answer to the question, you could make the decision right now to make the most of your life. Today is a good place to start.

Each day we are alive is a gift, and the present moment is the only certain one. There is beauty and sacredness to be found in every single day, when we choose to live that way. It’s the small things all around us all the time that give life its true magic.

It is crucially important that we live consciously and with intention, otherwise we end up living someone else’s idea of what our lives should be.

Wring every beautiful moment out of today that you can. Don’t miss out on anything that you could enjoy, embrace, love, or learn. Fully immerse yourself in life!

© Susan L Hart | | Get a free ebook

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