Nature’s Inventions

People have become mesmerized by the idea of computer intelligence. Are we really so tired of ourselves that we would consider interfacing with technology to make humans more “perfect”? We have immense intrinsic potential that has not yet been explored. Leonardo da Vinci saw the pure perfection of nature, something that had been created by an intelligence greater than his own, but of course of which he was a fractal, as are we all.

Nature is both orderly and chaotic in its miracles of creation. Let’s NOT become more cold and robotic, so that we can figure out logically how to overcome and tame nature, and hence stray farther from who we are in the process.

But rather, let us feel the miracle we already are as part of nature, and our own wildness and infinite potential, so that our human consciousness may expand in a way that is naturally already there, just waiting to bloom.

© Susan L Hart | January 22, 2022 |

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