Little by Little

When life feels too overwhelming to deal with, “poco a poco” (Spanish for “little by little”) is an excellent method to keep us moving forward. Also known in motivational circles as “chunking it down”, it’s a way of taking anything that feels insurmountable and down-sizing it to bite-size pieces.

Write down on paper whatever feels too daunting, then divide it into small pieces that feel manageable. Organize the pieces into a plan consisting of steps and stages, then immediately dig in and begin. Accomplishing that crucial first small step gives us enthusiasm and motivation to move on to the next one, then the next, and on it goes until that overwhelming monster is vanquished.

Lately I notice from social media comments that the world’s turmoil is immobilizing people from accomplishing even the simplest of daily tasks. “Little by little” is a way to overcome inertia and reclaim power over our lives.

This sense of empowerment gives us peace of mind, plus the confidence to envision and implement what we want for the future. We can’t let the problems of the world beat us, and “poco a poco”, we won’t!


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