Other Parts of Me

A fellow blogger commented to me recently that she would like to see some more personal content interspersed into my posts. For her, knowing who I am as a person and what brought me to this place and perspective would give context to some of the subject matter about which I write.

So, here we go, Rebecca. :). Firstly, from time to time I’m going to post some snapshots from my travels. I’m not the most traveled person in the world, but I’m more traveled than most. Apparently it is common for most people to live within a couple of miles of where they were born. Also I’m different than many travelers in that I have not been simply a visitor, but I have lived in several very different cultures.

I realize that not everyone can afford to travel, and neither does everyone have the desire. However, it would be really nice if we all could! Travel gives a person a much broader perspective of not just the world, but also themselves. So, perhaps it’s important to simply share a few photographs and thoughts about it. We’ll see how that goes…

Another part of me that many of my readers don’t know is that I am also a professional artist, although writing has become much more of a focus for me lately. I showed my work professionally in galleries for 20 years, and I also taught drawing to beginners.

In future my drawing talents will be used to enhance my books, rather than just showing art. Two of my books completed last year do incorporate my own art. I will be releasing more books this year, and I’m thinking about how I can enhance them with illustrations.

Also right now, like everyone else, I am finding it difficult sometimes to relax in the craziness that this world has become. I may also do some sketching just for fun, and incorporate those drawings into (for example) some posts about the importance of nature.

Those of you have been following my blog for awhile know that nature and our connection to Earth is an important theme in my writing. In my days of making and showing paintings, I have been primarily a landscape painter, so my art in the past also reflected my love for our Earth.

One more passion of mine is books and reading. I’ve been a voracious reader since I was  a child and old enough to ride the bus myself downtown to the library. Every Saturday I brought home a new armload of books. I’m not sure why, but I always gravitated to good literature. I devoured many of the classics that were written for children and adults.

Those books developed in me a love of language, and also a deep desire to travel some day and see some of the world. My first part-time job as a teenager was at the public library, and for me, this was a dream job. I now was immersed in authors and an expansive world of possibilities – and getting paid to do it! Traveling may not be possible for everyone, but certainly broadening the mind through books is for many people. For those who don’t even have books, my future big dream is to spend money from my writing – when it becomes successful enough – to provide books and learning in some areas of the world that are still deprived of this.

I’ve worked at my writing diligently for three years now. In the past year I feel I’ve made quite a leap forward (finishing three books) and it’s gaining momentum. I have several books planned for completion this year. If you’d like to receive occasional book news, please sign up here. When you do, you will receive a 20%-off coupon to save on my books at SusanLHartBooks.com.

As for my blog, I have 350+ blog posts under my belt, and I’m going to be looking for ways to expand it in ways that complement the content already here.

Anyway, that’s it for today, because now I’m rambling… 🙂  And thank you, as always, for reading! ~ Susan

Susan L Hart © 2022 | HartInspirations.com

6 thoughts on “Other Parts of Me

  1. Rebecca Cuningham

    Thanks, Susan, for telling us more about your journey that led to your wisdom about the human venture and our beautiful earth. I admire your tenacity and artistic talent, living while creating and teaching art. I enjoy our growing friendship. Gracias, Rebecca

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        1. Hart Inspirations Post author

          I wish! I’ve been to Peru, but not to Machu Picchu yet. We were supposed to meet up with some friends and go there in 2020, and well, you know how that year went. This photo was taken at the Ingapirca ruins in Ecuador. Some time I will share more photos of it.

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