End the Egomania

File this under “Things We Became Really Sick Of in the Past Two Years”. Your list may differ from mine in some ways, but it’s highly probable we share “the out-of-control egos of too many of our world leaders”. We could give them the benefit of the doubt, I suppose. Perhaps there were no other really important world problems for the past 730+ days, which gave them lots of extra time to focus on world health.

But are you not noticing that even as any significant health threat diminishes, their zeal to control you is diametrically increasing? Does that feel right to you? We might conclude from the observation that just like the bully in the school yard, they are addicted to their power. As George Orwell said, “The war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous.”

In a civilized society, how can bullying tactics be deemed acceptable? The answer to that is simple. School yard bullies grow up to be dictators, and society is increasingly no longer civilized by many definitions of the word.

This I know will sound overly simplistic, but call it a little thought experiment. What if we all just walked away and did not participate in their game? It is increasingly evident that the hierarchical model for society and politics is failing us. This type of system is conducive inevitably to corruption, and in a way we can’t blame the riffraff (but yes we can!) that bubbled to the top. Time and again in history, we have agreed to it.

You who have dishonored and betrayed us! We are not your chattel to be toyed with recklessly! You were elected to serve the people, not the other way around. We are moving on now to build a new paradigm, one of integrity founded on sound moral principles, cooperation, industry and productivity, respect, and a higher spiritual vision. The likes of you will not be welcome at our table.

End the Egomania © Susan L Hart 2022 | Friendly comments welcome | Photo courtesy AzDude, Pixabay

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