Less Worry, More Creation

These turbulent times call for us to be more protective of ourselves. Have you noticed? The black cloud perpetuated by the media is extremely soul draining. We must turn it off (at least some of the time), so that we can regain our balance.

We are now entering the third year of the viral narrative. It has pretty much overtaken our lives. Humanity is living under a spell, and worry has become an almost unshakable habit.

I have written often of the healing power of nature, but in those moments when we feel overwhelmed by the negativity, it isn’t always possible to drop everything to go to the park. I know this all too well! So when you feel anxiety rising, it’s time to close your eyes and escape to a beautiful place within you to balance your energy. Call it “meditation moments”. It’s better if it’s a place you have actually been to in the past, so that you can utilize all the sensory memories to recapture the good feelings you experienced in that place.

In time and with our diligent intention, this reign of fear shall pass. It is essential to free ourselves from the worry thoughts that have been imposed upon us, so we can get back to the positive work of creating. The strength of our own minds and hearts is the pathway out of this darkness, and we can do it together.

“Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, focus your energy on what you can create.” ~ Roy Bennett

Less Worry, More Creation © Susan L Hart 2022 | Friendly comments welcome | Photo courtesy titouhwayne, Pixabay

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