2021: Year of Division

Lately I witness division all around me, and I wonder, “How much worse will it get?” That question can only be answered by us! The enemy that ravages society is not a virus, but it has gone viral. The plan of division in place is brilliant, really. Introduce the most deadly fear in the human psyche, fear of death, and watch the humans consume each other.

Humanity suffers greatly from “my ego need to be right”. As long as we force each other to choose sides and then attack each other for those choices, there will never be any meeting ground for healing and building. We will constantly be stuck in a cycle of tearing down, doomed in a fatal downward spiral to a black void.

Imagine a time in future when aliens visit Earth, a beautiful place lush with flora and fauna, but strangely void of other life forms. In their exploration of this lovely planet, they come upon a huge headstone that reads,

“Here lies Humanity. Sadly, they killed each other with their need to be right.”

Personally this is not a future vision that I want to see manifest. As Rumi said,

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing 
and rightdoing, there is a field.
 I’ll meet you there.
 When the soul lies down in that grass, 
the world is too full to talk about.”

Yes, we could make that choice to meet there, together. Imagine everyone on the same side, a unified commitment to constantly see, evaluate, and discuss many points of view, without judgement or a need to “have it all my way” or attack.

It would be a beginning… Let’s make it our intention for the New Year 2022.

2021: Year of Division © Susan L Hart 2021 HartInspirations.com | Photo courtesy thommas68, Pixabay | Friendly comments welcome

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