Clean and Bright

I met a baby recently whose beauty was as striking to me as a lightning bolt. Her innocent newness shone a light that was undeniable. She is still clean of any labels and branding that society will inevitably try to impose upon her. But when I met her, I intuitively felt that this is an old soul who will not accept anyone’s label. She came here knowing who she is.

That remains to be seen, of course. But suffice to say that “clean and bright”, even when momentary, is wonderful respite from a world where humanity has been branded as perpetually soiled by a virus. Tired in spirit are we becoming, because it seems that nothing any of us do will appease or release us from that label, at least in the eyes of those in power. The lesson here is to realize that we do not deserve the shaming or the fear, and to release ourselves.

Perhaps the craziness that has gripped the world will end before this child, and others like her, are old enough to realize what a messed up world they were born into. But I think this is likely wishful thinking, and I know it won’t matter, because she and others like her will take it calmly in stride. They knew what they were getting into. By choice their souls have come here to teach others by example.

These children will collectively shine their light on humanity into the future. They are seeds for the dawning of a new Golden Age, and the “Light That Is All” is smiling in anticipation.

Clean & Bright © Susan L Hart 2021 / Friendly comments welcome

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