Living Deliberately

Henry David Thoreau lived in the 1800’s, born in 1817 and passing away two months short of his 45th birthday. I am astounded sometimes at the questions and observations he raised several centuries ago that we would do well to re-visit today.

I’m wondering if Thoreau time-traveled to the present day, what would he think of the overwhelm and complexity of present day life?

Thoreau retreated from society for a period of two years, and then later published the book “Walden, or, Life in the Woods” to share his process of contemplation and introspection. Most people would likely argue when they read the below quote that they don’t have this time of luxury to contemplate life or their direction in it.

“I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately…” ~ Henry David Thoreau

But there are many ways to carve out space for periods of contemplation, even small ones. If we do not, we become swallowed up by society and the narrative that surrounds us. In this unprecedented era of mass media and technology, it is very easy for us to stop living consciously and deliberately. We are too busy “listening to” other people’s voices on our devices.

Do you have a quiet space to which you can retreat to contemplate and hear your own voice? When you claim that time, you can then live deliberately based on your own inner wisdom, rather than everyone else’s noise and point of view.


Living Deliberately © Susan L Hart 2021

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