Stories in Our Minds

There are many stories circulating in society right now, and thanks to mass media and electronic devices, we are hooked into them 24/7.  Which ones are true? It is really hard to tell some days.

We have to be careful of stories, for they tend to take on a life of their own. (This is why gossip is so irresponsible and destructive.) When we hear a story, we must process it with discernment and critical thinking of our own.

Most of all we have to be careful of the stories we weave in our own minds. We receive information and we “run with it”. Strong emotions help us to embellish stories or fabricate new ones in our minds, and these may be the most harmful to us when they are fueled by fear.

Nothing good can come from stories woven with threads of fear. We create our reality with our thoughts, and if all of our thoughts and stories are woven out of fear, we are hurting ourselves and helping to create a fearful society.

Be aware of the stories you create in your mind. Weave good, positive ones. Empower yourself and others around you with them.

Stories in Our Minds © Susan L Hart 2021 | Friendly comments welcome | Photo courtesy geralt, Pixabay


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