Thank you, Mr. Sun

The Summer Solstice is coming up soon. (Yay!) The sun has taken some real bashing the past few years over the dangers of over exposure. But as with everything in life, it’s all about balance. After all, how can something that is so life-sustaining be all bad? These articles agree on many reasons to make sure you get enough sunlight:

From Forbes: Why Sunlight Is Actually Good For You
From Self: 6 Reasons You Need More Sun, According To Science
From Healthline: The Benefits of Vitamin D

Gratitude for that which nourishes us

Gratitude is an amplifier for abundance. Yes I know, you may be thinking… “It’s the sun’s job to be up there in the sky, keeping me alive! So just do your job, Mr. Sun. I have enough to worry about.”

But wait. When we take a few moments in our day to say “thank you” here and there, life starts to feel better. We become more consciously aware of the good. We feel blessed. And there’s another big bonus. Metaphysically speaking, the universe also responds by sending us more.

Heaven knows, the media is always there to remind us of the bad or troubling. It’s our job to fill our minds and souls with the good stuff too. Balance keeps us healthy. So, next time time you step outside into sunlight, stop for just a moment and practice this. Close your eyes, tip your face upward, and feel the blissful warmth.

As you do so, think to yourself, “Ah, yes… Thank you, Mr. Sun. You are one of those things, constant and true, that I can count on to make me feel good.”


Thank you, Mr. Sun © Susan L Hart 2021 | Friendly comments welcome | Photo courtesy mazsoka, PIxabay

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