Live & Learn

Mahatma Gandhi might have said it best, and is this not a big lesson we are learning in these times?

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

The fact that we may only ever have today has certainly come into poignant focus. We are all acutely aware of our mortality, old and young alike. The fear of a virus and death now drives our society and every day lives.

But, virus or no virus, you may only ever have tomorrow. That is the nature of our mortal existence. Why do we have so much fear of death? It is a mystery, and we don’t like the unknown or surprises. We like life safe and predictable. Or, so we think… Is that not a rather dull and limited way of living?

Do you require a guarantee that your soul and learning and wisdom are eternal, that you never die, in order to assuage your fears? Would you then face any obstacle, including this current societal crisis, with a clearer mind and calm confidence?

This turmoil holds many lessons for us, both as individuals and as a collective humanity. These intense lessons are growing us exponentially.

It is my fervent hope that we will rise to the occasion and start to always live each day to its very fullest and learn right up to our very last breath.

Your soul is are a very precious part of the infinite All.

It has no end.


Live & Learn © Susan L Hart 2021 | Friendly comments welcome | Photo courtesy 4144132, Pixabay

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